Monday, October 21, 2013

October: A few more pictures from our vacation to Uganda and everyday life

October 20, 2013
It is October.  A time of leaves changing color, apple cider, hay rides, carving pumpkins.  Here we are in the jungles of eastern Uganda.  Here a walk in the forest (something I love to do), is a less pleasant experience that involves trudging through knee-high mud at times, tall grass, and prickly plants with the hopes of seeing a horned chameleon or a chimpanzee (if you're lucky).  We had a great time and necessary diversion.  We spent our time between Rwenzori National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Kampala for some necessary errands.

The Rwenzori mountains, "mountains of the moon" in eastern Uganda
A 7-day hike round-trip, up and down glaciers...maybe next time!

Our campsite overlooking the high peaks of the Rwenzoris

Thick jungle, pre-alpine

A serious hike, about a 1000m ascent

The horned chameleon
A bridge over glacial waters from the Rwenzoris
The roads of eastern DRC

Glacial waters

Buying 50kg of local coffee beans in the Rwenzoris...
this is farming cooperative for fair pricing and representation of farmers.
They don't normally sell to locals (or white folks).

                                                                                                      Buying local charcoal

This really is a beautiful part of the world.   I am so thankful to have this opportunity to explore it!
Thanks for your interest in our lives.
Blessings of Jesus from our house to yours,

Lindsey and Warren

It is nice to be back in Nyankunde again!

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  1. lovely photos - good times! I am glad you made safely home!