Saturday, August 6, 2016

A post from Emmanuel

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to tell you about my day.  It was a fun Saturday.  I got up in the morning and got my diaper changed.  Then I had breakfast and spent a couple of hours with Maziga, my nanny.  My parents had to go to the hospital, as usual, but I had fun playing and helping in the garden.  

Around 11 am, my dad came home and we got to go on the tractor.  We drove down the hill and I enjoyed waving to everyone we passed.  We dropped the tractor off and went to see the airplane.  As we were walking around the plane, the pilot told us that he was about to make a little flight and we could go if we wanted.  Of course we wanted, and we jumped into the airplane and made a 15 minute flight.  We flew over some amazing waterfalls and rock formations.  Congo has its problems, but it is such a beautiful country.  We landed near a big river and we got to wander around for a bit.  I met some new friends.  We saw cows and birds.  Thankfully we didn't see any crocodiles.  When all the passengers had arrived, we climbed back into the plane and took off.  On the way back the weather turned, and the sunny day turned into a rainy one.  We landed in a light drizzle, which became heavier.  

We walked up the hill, but by the time we reached the hospital, it was raining pretty hard.  My dad wanted to stop and see how an operation was going.  I went into the operating room with him and we saw a patient who had been transferred to the hospital.  She had been operated in another hospital, but was not doing well.  I got to see all the guts opened up.  It was somewhat disturbing, but fascinating nevertheless.  I tried to touch the shiny instruments on the sterile table, but my dad wouldn't let me.  He tried to leave me with the ladies in the sterilizing room, but I cried until he took me back into the operating room.  

It was raining pretty hard by now, but we happened to see the pilot driving by on the road and we motioned for him to stop and pick us up.  He gave us a ride back up the hill and we ran into the house.  I was pretty cold, but I felt better after a change of clothes.  We had spaghetti for lunch.  

After lunch I played for a bit and then I took a nap.  I woke up after a couple of hours.  I take my afternoon naps pretty seriously.  We went for a walk around 530 pm.  It was pretty muddy from the heavy rain.  After the walk we went to eat dinner with some of the other families.  We had pizza, but I was kind of distracted by the other kids.  I played pretty hard with Luke, Miriam and Lukas.  At one point, we had a screaming competition.  We ran back and forth down the hallway.  I was delirious with the excitement.  When all the dishes were done, we went back home.  After another diaper change, a struggle to get my teeth brushed and a bottle of milk, I was deposited in my crib.  I was pretty tired after a long and eventful day, but I fought the need to sleep.  I cried and cried, but no one came to my rescue.  Finally, I succumbed and settled down to sleep.

It was a pretty good day.  I think I have it pretty good.  I love living here in Congo.  There is so much to see and do.  I'm learning lots of new words.  I am picking up words in English, Swahili and French.  Mostly I just invent my own language.  My parents are trying to learn it.  I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I'm sure it will be full of adventure.

Emmanuel Cooper


  1. I love reading this, posted from Emmanuel's perspective.

  2. I love reading this, posted from Emmanuel's perspective.