Thursday, March 16, 2017

Together in Thailand

March 16, 2017

Back from Iraq and Time in Asia
Warren is back from Iraq.  It is good to be back home together!  Thank you for your many prayers,   It is not easy being apart and for me to parent alone.  He is still working through some of his experiences.  I am so grateful that he was able to offer his surgical and leadership skills.  We continue to pray for the work of the field hospital and liberation of Mosul.  He is catching up on his “chronic disasters” here in Congo.  There is no lack of challenge here!
Thank you for your responses to our blog, and support during Warren’s time in Iraq.

We just returned from a medical conference in Asia and vacation in Thailand.  It was my first time to visit Asia!  Bangkok is a huge city, and quite easy it is to get around by train/plane/automobile/tuk-tuk.  Emmanuel ate at McDonalds for the first time in his life.  I kept saying, “it is so modern!”  I am not sure what I was expecting.  As always, it was a huge encouragement to meet together with other physicians from around the world and attend great lectures.  Emmanuel made lots of friends and rode an elephant.  What more could a kid want?  

We enjoyed several days in a place called Krabi on the coast of Thailand.  We did some snorkeling and playing on the beach.  Now Emmanuel has a better idea about where fish live, as there are not any bodies of water close to where we live.  We ate lots of padthai and fresh coconut.  We are grateful
Visiting the reclining Buddha in Bangkok

Thai style

"Look Mom, I'm under the fish!"

for these experiences together, as Emmanuel discovers his world.

Emmanuel loves having his Daddy back!  It is really special to see the relationship they have.  They could blow bubbles for hours (guess who gets bored first?) or make silly noises/gestures.  I know that he admires his Daddy and one day he will understand what he does everyday to “help people” when he rides away on his motorcycle.  I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences our son is able to have in the village:  playing with kittens, caring for his chickens, picking flowers, playing in the treehouse, collecting guavas, and stomping in the rain barefooted.  I hope that he will have great memories of his early years and the flexibility we have enjoyed as a family.  It is so nice to work close to home…everything is only a walk away.

I keep learning the same lessons over and over, like the fact that kids thrive on routine.  I can tell when Emmanuel feels stressed from traveling because he starts sucking on his shirt and wanting to be held more.  He loses his patience and gets more aggressive, especially when he can’t communicate (or understand) all his needs.  Our son is a picky eater and this all gets amplified when we travel.  He eats best in his own chair in his own house, in his own particular way.  So it is great to be home here in Congo again.

We are so grateful to have the support of so many friends and family members.  We need you!

Blessings and love,
Elephants can paint!!!

Vacationing with our friends the Bartons

Making Thai friends

Krabi, Thailand

Swimming in the warm blue waters!

Emmanuel's first haircut
The lunch choices were endless

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